Each company and institution has its own DNA. This is what defines them, what differentiates them from their competitors. It is what makes them strong and unique.

Since its foundation, The Crew has been finding and enhancing its clients’ DNA. Today, The Crew (+/- 25 people) continues to grow with the arrival of many new clients, both regional and international.

With a strong know-how in digital strategy, The Crew offers a 360° strategy that meets the daily needs of our clients.

The CREW , is craving for a cross-media Graphic Designer  for its Brussels and surroundings based offices. We are looking for dynamic, creative no-nonsense talent

The fundamentals are

Master in graphic design, minimum 6 years of experience as a designer & you know InDesign like no other.

PASSION for design and media both online and offline.

Conceptually driven and efficient & an eye for detail, without losing the overview.

Punctual and accurate / Project management skills are necessary / Smooth and clear communicator / You speak and write Dutch, French and English fluently.

woman typing on the keyboard Graphic designer job offer The Crew

What is expected of you?

As a designer, you are in direct contact with your customers. You listen to their questions and needs and convert them into strong communication. This on various carriers, both print and online. You can work autonomously and know what good communication should look like.

You ensure that the message comes across clearly in line with the expectations of the customer and can always provide little bits of magic. This means that you do not only think in images, but always start from a concept about how communication should be understood. Your experience is indispensable in this. You will work very closely with the creative director and account director on different clients and projects.

Creative Suite really looks great on you and you know it like the back of your hand. As a designer, we can come to you with any assignment. You can also divide the assignments within our team. Grammar nazi and pixel eater are a compliment to you. Solo or in team… you are always on your toes!

With the customers there is no chitchat, you are involved and focused. In a meeting or at the keyboard, the search for the right graphic concept is always your target.

Our offering for your exquisite expertises and services

• A challenging job in a healthy & cheerful company

• You work for great international clients

• 10 top colleagues, who got your back

• Working in an impressive office

• Best coffee in the area

• Of course a salary in accordance with experience

• Fringe benefits

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