What was the situation ?

Vision 2025 “Auchan changes lives” set the tone for a dynamic, powerful and passionately human approach to retail. From Shanghai to Turin, from Lisbon to Marseille, the first progress is already visible, in the stores, in mobile/web apps and warehouses, products, customer, employee experiences, in how they think and do things.



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We found solutions together

We developed a global corporate site, which reflects the company’s DNA. The website includes the cornerstones and key principles of the new 2025 strategy. Thanks to their detailed 2025 strategy we were able to develop a unique approach to build a user-friendly and human-centred website.

Plotting an enhanced user experience

The main idea behind the website : 

Packaging the company’s DNA in a visually pleasing and interactive website, which also worked perfect on mobile devices. We wanted users to feel welcome and learn about Auchan’s amazing journey of multinationalism and retail. We also developed a specific newsroom system as part of the news/blog.


To obtain a consistent tone across all markets, we decided to develop a GLOCAL approach, in 4 major countries during a first phase, including a social wall. We developed an online source, where all information about Auchan is gathered and available. The website is user-friendly and modern, the client is satisfied and we are very proud to be a part of the reshaping of the future of retail.

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