What is the The Crew Connect ?

The Crew Connect consists in both an in-house contact/call centre and all the technology needed to contact customers, contacts or consumers directly. What started as a way to activate blood donors by telephone for the Red Cross Flanders has grown — 10 years later — into a contemporary call centre reinforced by technology. The call centre has roughly 23 people, working in three languages ​​(French, Dutch and English) for both inbound and outbound assignments.

What our Call Angels achieve every day

Most of The Crew Connect’s assignments are carried out for the NGO sector and we are very proud of that! Every day our people act as the voice of the most famous NGOs in Belgium and tell their story. Our people are therefore not commercial customer service callers but passionate “call angels” offering empathy and sympathy for donors and organizations.

To meet the data exchange challenge, The Crew Connect built a CRM platform tailored to NGOs. In addition to the efficient exchange of data, the platform also provides real-time insight into the results.

As a partner of the Koramic Group, The Crew Connect has access to the latest technology such as bots, Interactive Voice Response, SMS platforms, … these are all used to make actions more efficient.

The Crew Connect is one of “the” references in the NGO world and in the field of telemarketing.