What was the situation ?

IBA (Ion Beam Applications S.A.) is a medical technology company that develops innovative and integrated solutions to diagnose and treat cancer. IBA is the world leader in proton therapy, currently the most advanced form of radiotherapy.


A partnership of 15 Years

IBA medical technology company strategy methods graphic identity the crew

We found solutions together

Following internal strategy methods, we have learned about their primary motivations and how to enhance knowledge and understanding about this particular field of technology. As their strategic partner, we suggested developing and positioning a unique graphic identity for this market that placed the human aspect at the centre of their communications.

Plotting an enhanced user experience

“Protect, enhance and save lives”


“Protect, enhance and save lives” is the path we have been following together for the past 15 years. For maximum coherence, this human aspect was very carefully implemented in every communication tool, both internally and externally.

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