What was their situation ?

For a long time, local blood collections in Flanders were mainly organised by volunteers. The Red Cross Flanders wanted to change that, so they set themselves a number of objectives :

  • On top of local collections, they decided to develop a centrally managed network of donor centres, where blood donors could go when it suited them best.
  • Increase loyalty and recurring blood donation by creating a community.
  • Recruit 40,000 new blood donors annually.
  • Reinforce the understanding that blood donation in Flanders is a necessity; as well as promote awareness of the various blood products (blood, plasma, stem cells).
  • Use communication to establish RKV as a pioneering and reliable partner

Partnership for over 10 years

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We found solution together

The partnership between RKV & The Crew lasted 10 years. For all of that time, The Crew was the lead agency, delivering strategic advice as well tactical execution of all blood-related communications, campaigns and initiatives. A cooperation of more than 10 years.

The partnership between RKV & The Crew lasted 10 years

Our proposal consisted of : 

  • The Crew created the strategic framework for 2 five-year plans. As a result, all initiatives were framed within an overarching strategy.
  • In these strategies, we defined a repositioning of blood donation in Flanders and focused on the “heroic act” of blood donation and a valorisation of the blood donor, as well as the activation of existing communities.
  • The concept of a “candidate blood donor”, which could be activated when needed, was a result of this, together with a new and refreshing communication style.
  • In addition, various concepts were introduced to specific segments: “Fata Morgana” for schools, “Companies with a heart” for the active population, “Dead serious” for students, …
  • An annual campaign plan stimulated the influx of new donors for the various blood products. This was a mix of awareness & loyalty interspersed with activation campaigns at the time of a decrease in the blood supply.
  • The Crew created the campaign concepts but also developed the creative expressions & content linked to these campaigns, both above and below the line (TV & radio spots; digital package (social, banner, website, …); POS & OOH communication, events, … and reinforced with PR initiatives.


Rode Kruis Vlanderen is perceived as the reference in Flanders in the field of blood donations. The organisation is perceived as an innovative and reliable player & last but not least : the targets linked to the number of blood donations each year were met time and time again.

Today there is a core community of donors in Flanders and the ‘concepts’ around blood donation have became household names for these segments.