What was the situation ?

Determined to become a leading player in the field of renewable energies, Planet Soar provides all the necessary logistics for the realization of wind and solar energy projects.For this purpose, Planet Soar provides you with their network. As a promoter of green energy throughout the world, they rely on local partnerships in 28 countries.


Our solution

A brand new e-shop

The Planet Soar-shop is a custom developed e-shop providing a one-stop-shop for Solar panel installers looking for quality products to provide to their clients.

Plotting an enhanced user experience

We took advantage of many new features:

The website is based on Laravel Nova CMS and ensures a complete product management flow, multi-national delivery zones management, special actions and many other management features such as order management, payment management and invoice management.

It’s linked to a configurator allowing users to setup a complete installation, calculate advantages and provide a great overview on requirements for a solar installation.


Customer journeys have been worked on to ensure a fluid and dynamic user experience, all this with a fresh and minimalistic design.

Dynamic product list and multi-index research makes it easy to find the best products for a specific request.

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