What was the situation ?

From 2019 on, The Puratos Group created a new corporate department dedicated to their “health & well-being” portfolio. Although several existing B2B products were already suitable for this new segment, this was not highlighted. Puratos wanted to market the products of this range more forcefully and brand them under the general “health & well-being” concept and include its specific characteristics (e.g. plant based).



Our solution

The Crew works as the creative partner to Puratos to develop the branding for their new range of products.

Plotting an enhanced user experience

"It's only getting better"

  • The overarching tone of voice and style for health and wellbeing; this resulted in the slogan “it’s only getting better” and derivatives to support the global internal launch & communication.
  • Elaborated an umbrella concept for the plant-based products. Since these products currently belong to a certain range, we chose to develop a “stamp” under the name “Plant Forward”. In this way, the products retain their recognisability to existing customers, but also get the extra benefit of Plant Forward.
  • The Plant Forward branding was designed to function as a “stand alone” brand & range. To this end, various communication media were delivered in print, video and digital for B2B and B2C to be launched globally across the various countries.


  • The health & wellbeing department is regarded as an innovator in the Puratos Group.
  • Plant Forward was successfully launched and received with enthusiasm by the various countries and business units.
  • Plant Forward became more than a product range but a statement that calls on both those within and without the company to make a difference together.

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