What was the situation ?

In 2018, Interparking celebrates its 60th anniversary. The perfect opportunity for the company to reinforce its positive image and create traffic on its website and at its car parks.


Interparking 60 years brand activation mockup website case the crew agency Brussels

We found solutions together

To encourage car park users to participate in the celebration, we invited them to join the contests. Hidden cameras in the car parks caught users in a funny surprising way. These videos were shown on various social media networks with a link to a mini-website created for the occasion. A specially designed 60 years anniversary logo completed the communication part of this campaign.

Plotting an enhanced user experience


of the website visitors were interested in participating in the contests

Watch the video 

Not only did we create the strategy and website for the 60 years of Interparking, we also created a set of amusing videos where Interparking clients got surprised by yellow bananas, Elvis Presley, kings and queens. The concept and the videos have been entirely created in-house. In cooperation with our film crew, we realised some pretty funny videos which pleased the client and the customers.


Due to the success of this website, we have translated and adapted the contents into five different European languages. Many people participated in the contests thanks to our combined efforts and the social media traffic also increased.

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