What was the situation ?

Q8 Mazout, active in the sale and distribution of heating oil and other petroleum products in Belgium and Luxembourg, wanted to renew its website with several objectives to achieve:

  • Improve the user experience through a Price List and Order page clear and user-friendly;
  • Increase traffic by combining the order platform with informative pages;
  • Better usability to improve conversion rate.



improve-user-experience-user-friendly-increase traffic-thecrew

We found solutions together

The Crew has been selected on the basis of our three-pronged approach: strategical, structural and technical.

To distinguish himself from the competitors, we suggested to Q8 Mazout to position himself as tailor-made to his clients, with the message “User better, send more rightly with Q8 Mazout”.

To improve the conversion rate, we proposed :

  • The creation of persona to inspire users, the use of promotional codes;
  • The integration of tips & tricks on energy consumption, and the creation of price alerts;
  • At the structural level, we recommended to have a clear navigation and create a clear conversion funnel with a strong transactional flow, including call-to-action buttons, click-to-call and reassurance explanations.


Our solution included an website with a e-shop synchronized to the Q8 Mazout ERP System. A real teamwork between The Crew and the Q8Mazout team, we successfully produced a site with a seamless customize integration between the new website and the Q8 Mazout business software. We designed a lighter and modern layout, a good conversion funnel thanks to the highlighting of the advantages and the services offered by Q8Mazout and a strong transactional flow. Last but not least, we added value by providing Q8 Mazout a good message and strategic approach, to make the difference!

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