What was the situation?

In recent years, the Volvo brand has taken a significant leap forward. New designs have been introduced and Volvo Cars has become a challenger in the premium segment in BeLux. Since then, only one objective was left: Volvo Car BeLux should actually belong to the premium car brands segment. This was a tough challenge for Volvo Car BeLux, in addition to national brand communication and campaigns around the cars themselves. Also to strengthen the image and communication of the distributors, the accessories and customer services, as well as the community of Volvo drivers.


Partnership for over 10 years

Volvo POS Communication case The crew agency Brussels

We found solutions together

The Crew and Volvo Car BeLux marketing team have worked together closely in a true partnership for more than 8 years. Between us there is an “open line” mentality and we think with them when required. We have built a multidisciplinary and dedicated team to support the Volvo Car BeLux marketing team in order to be work efficiently and flexibly.

The Crew works both conceptually and creatively on: 

  • The declination of the corporate messages to their distributors, the result mainly being POS communication;

  • The actions and communication around the accessories and customer services  via digital campaigns;
  • Communication to the community of Volvo drivers to upsell and cross sell, including possible recalls and loyalty communication;
Volvo POS Communication case The crew agency Brussels


  • The Volvo brand is stronger in the BeLux market than ever before, and has increased its sales and market share almost every year;
  • The models of Volvo Car BeLux and in particular XC40 (figures 2020 – fleet.be) are some of the best-selling cars to companies and the self-employed;
  • The Volvo dealers are valorised and are key in the success of Volvo Car BeLux;
  • Today in BeLux there is a stronger community of Volvo drivers;

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