What was the situation ?

Although Orpea Group has been active in Belgium for years with various residential care centres and assisted living apartments, the Group continues to invest and innovate. Thanks to these investments, Orpea has expanded its offer in terms of specific services (e.g. rehabilitation), stronger regional anchoring (opening new centres) and facilities. But above all, they continue to offer a warm and welcoming home for their residents and spotless living environment with safe care and services. As part of the further expansion of their offer, Orpea Belgium was looking for a flexible partner with knowledge of the Belgian market to support the local centres.



We found solutions together

The Crew and Orpea work together as partners. Depending on the needs, The Crew mainly supports the Orpea Belgium marketing team with:

  • The communication & launch of new residential care centres and assisted living accommodation (communication planning, branding and development tools);
  • The translation of the corporate branding to the existing centres (stickers, POS, brochures, etc.) and development of general communication materias;
  • The layout and implementation of local campaigns to promote residence.


  • The rebranding of existing residences to Orpea Belgium started in 2020.
  • 4 new residences were opened and branded. 68 residences were supported with communication materials

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