Well, if you haven’t met him yet, that’s a shame!

A true Brussels native, Damien manages to convey the known Belgian surrealism. With a wicked sense of humor, motivation and positivity, Damien is one of the latest sailors to join the team at The Crew.

25 years experience of passion

With 25 years of experience in the advertising industry, Damien excels in creative and especially digital thinking. Today, Damien is responsible for 80% of all digital strategies requested by our customers (Orpéa, Tets Achats, GoodMan, Total, Wondercar, …).

Advertising is not a job for him but a real passion and he shares this passion with his students. As a teacher at the CAD as well as at Saint-Luc Brussels, Damien manages to capture the attention of his audience and to make the advertising field, sometimes complicated to understand, fun and easy.

Damien excels in creating engaging, emotional and impactful communication concepts that convey the right message and translate the right brand strategy in an unexpected way. As you can see, Damien is a key player in The Crew.

But what does he actually do for us?

Damien is our Digital Strategist & Concept Provider. He manages the conceptualization and creation of communication plans for a wide range of projects (from interface design to rich media campaigns and films), in sectors as varied as the institutional sector, fashion, automotive, travel, art, consumer products… He is driven by excellence, innovation and curiosity.

Stay tuned!

If you decide to entrust us with your brand, Damien & the entire team at The Crew will take care of it. That’s a promise. Soon, Damien will give his opinion on creativity in Covid times. Does being a telecommuter foster creativity?

Stay Tuned!


Elise Moraux.