Consortium 12-12 unites seven humanitarian organisations that coordinate their fundraising efforts in Belgium during severe crises or natural disasters in developing countries.
The members are: Oxfam Belgium, Handicap International Belgium, Dokters van de Wereld, UNICEF-Belgium, Caritas International Belgium, Plan International Belgium, Red Cross – Flanders / Croix Rouge de Belgique.

In the event of an extraordinary natural disaster (tsunami, earthquake, etc.) or a serious humanitarian crisis (famine) in a developing country, the victims are in great need. In these exceptional situations, significant financial resources are quickly required for emergency aid.

That is when the Consortium 12-12 comes into action. The common goal is to launch a fundraising campaign to appeal to the generosity and solidarity of the public.
Consortium 12-12 was looking for an agency that met the criteria of availability, flexibility, speed and efficiency. If there is a communication need, the agency must be able to set up a campaign within 48 hours. After a comparative competition, The Crew was chosen.