Founded in 1920, the Braille League’s mission is to support blind and visually impaired people who wish to integrate into society in society at every level of life.

March 21 is the launch of “Braille League Week” and an awareness campaign that focuses on the autonomy of blind and visually impaired people.

For this occasion, The Crew agency has set up a campaign centered on the concept of “My Independence Day”. With a concept based on the values of autonomy and proud, reminding us of the pleasure we feel the day we succeed in doing something independently.

We discover the true story of Maarten (8 years old) who manages to tie his shoes laces by himself like his schoolmates and gains a little more independence every day thanks to the Braille League’s.

And the story of André (75 years old) who, after receiving training in new technologies, was able to maintain his autonomy.

The awareness campaign was created through a perfect collaboration with the production studio Toast and the media agency Wavemaker.

The campaign will be broadcast in a 360° approach: 30” TV video, online video, radio spots, social media content, organic banners, billboards and more from the agency.